Jay and Silent Bob Get Old at The Ice House Comedy Club

The hilarious duo of the legendary Jay and Silent Bob is finally back together again.The film icons Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes will be reuniting at a very special show titled “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old” at The Ice House Comedy Club on Feb. 28.

Following the release of the cult-class film 1994 film “Clerks,” long time friends Jason “Jay” Mewes and Kevin “Silent Bob” Smith quickly become two of the most loved stoner icons of our generation.  These over the top characters and lifelong friends have also appeared in other films as their alter egos including “Mallrats,” “Chasing Amy,” “Dogma,” “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” and “Clerks 2,” all of which were directed by Kevin Smith.

The hilarious duo has toured “Jay & Silent Bob Get Old” all through the US, in addition to recording the podcast of the same name, just about every evening.  In fact, the show was ranked the number one podcast on iTunes comedy.  The podcasts themselves are always hilarious, honest, and sometimes even touching.  It is a great depiction of what happens when two people grow up together in the Hollywood Limelight and how that has affected both their relationship and careers.

Their podcast turned live show is something every Jay and Silent Bob fan will want to see.  With that being said, even if you are not familiar with the funny duo, this is the perfect opportunity to catch up on a hilarious comedy phenomenon you have been missing.  So come on out, and listen to these legends talk about their glory days, tell hilarious personal stories and anecdotes, all while sending a positive message of hope and creativity.

This is a show that is most definitely worth your time and one you will not want to miss! Tickets for the special event are on sale for $25, with an age restriction of 18 and over with a two drink minimum.

The special event Jay and Silent Bob Get Old will be at The Ice House Comedy Club on Feb. 28.  Get your tickets here.