The Talented Demetri Martin to Take the Stage at Club Nokia

The multi-talented comedian Demetri Martin is set to take the stage at Club Nokia on Feb. 14. Demetri began to rise in the comedy scene in the late 90s in New York City. He then got his big break in 2001 doing stand-up on Comedy Central’s stand-up showcase Premium Blend.  In 2003, he won the Perrier award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for his show If I….  The show was then turned into a British television special in 2004.

Demetri’s success continued when he began writing for Late Night With Conan O’Brien, which led to his own stand-up special on Comedy Central.  However, Demetri is not your typical stand-up comedian.  His Comedy Central special was divided into three parts, the first being traditional stand-up, the second he used humorous drawings as visual aids, which would then serve as a punch line or some type of background for his jokes.  During his third segment he played the guitar and actually put on a pseudo-play where he would play his guitar, while either playing the harmonica or talking to the audience.  Some of his comedic friends even appeared in the special dressed as fairies and dragons according to the story he was telling.

His success continued in 2005, when he was credited as a contributor on The Daily Show, in which he also appeared as the “Senior Youth Correspondent” and hosted a segment called “Trendspotting.”

In 2009, he hosted his own TV series called Important Things With Demetri Martin on Comedy Central, which lasted for two seasons.

Martin has also dabbled in film, starring in the comedy-drama “Taking Woodstock” in 2009, directed by the infamous Ang Lee.  He also sold his movie conceptWill” to DreamWorks, and he is expected to have a supporting role in the film.  He is also set to play the lead in the film “Moon People,” which he sold to Columbia Pictures.  In addition to all of his film accolades, he has released two comedy albums.

Demetri Martin will appear at Club Nokia on Feb. 14. Tickets can be purchased here.