Burbank Comedy Festival Offers Laughs and Much More

There are festivals going on all around the L.A. area this summer. Some are dedicated to film, some are for gorging on fried food, others are meant to not only make attendees laugh, but to inform them as well. That’s what it’s all about at the Burbank Comedy Festival. It’s a little over a week of stand-up as well as classes and panels that will leave those who are into that scene satisfied.

Everything kicks off with a staple from anyone’s childhood who grew up in the ‘90s. Kel Mitchell who is best known for starring in Nickelodeon’s “All That” as well as “Kenan and Kel” is taking the stage to not only welcome everyone to the festivities, but to also do his act. He was huge back in the day, laid low for a while and is now back. It was just announced that he’s heading back to his roots to star in a new Nick series. Other famous faces that will be a part of the Festival are the always entertaining but often times odd Tom Green, as well as “24” star Mary Lynn Rajskub. Yes, she’s just not just Jack Bauer’s sidekick, she has a funny bone in her too.

Another comedian to keep an eye out for is Adam Carolla. For years, he and Jimmy Kimmel made the world laugh with “The Man Show.” Then they parted ways and now he’s gone on to be a hit on the radio and with his podcast. Speaking of, that’s exactly what he’s bringing to the table. Those who score a ticket to Carolla’s event will get to attend a live taping of his podcast and see the magic happen in person.

This festival isn’t all about the people who take the stage and perform, but also about informing. There are a ton of classes and panels to attend. Some of the panelists and instructors include, Rachel Butera from “The Howard Stern Show” and “The Daily Show’s” Vance DeGeneres. On top of that, classes to check out are the ins and outs of producing videos for YouTube, how to get booked on the road, developing a sitcom, just to name a few.

Those interested can buy tickets for individual shows, classes and panels. There are also specific passes. A Class Pass will cost $150 but gets attendees access to all the classes, a general admission pass is $100 more and includes tickets to everything that’s not listed as a special event. Then there’s the VIP pass that comes with goodies as well as full access to everything.

Burbank Comedy Festival kicks off Aug. 16 and winds down Aug. 22. Tickets can be purchased here