Lollapalooza Berlin’s Inaugural Lineup Features Radiohead, Kings of Leon and Major Lazer

While Chicago’s famed Lollapalooza Music Festival begins to expand internationally, it makes sense that they’d eventually end up in Berlin. As arguably the hippest, most art infused city in Europe, Berlin will put forth its own flavor and uniqueness to this already legendary festival.

Taking place from September 10-11 in Treptow Park, Lolla Berlin will be the first one to set up shop in Europe. Other current cities include São Paulo, Bogotá, Santiago and Buenos Aires, but Berlin, as Lolla co-founder Perry Farrell has described, will “be a giant swirling lollipop with different colors.” Perry goes on to say that Berlin is known for its artists, therefore, he fully expects the Berlin artistic culture to be in full force for their inaugural event. Lolla’s known for its varied lineups, often including everything from hip-hop, to dance, to classic rock. This year, Berlin will feature headliners Radiohead, Kings of Leon and Major Lazer alongside James Blake, Zedd, ODESZA, The 1975, G-Eazy, Jess Glynne, The Chainsmokers and many more.

Lollapalooza 2016 all around the world will feature the aptly named Kidzapalooza. As a respite from the adult merriment, this area will allow parents and their children to dance and play in a kid-friendly environment. Lolla Berlin will also feature the obligatory “green” elements by way of Der Grüene Kiez, the socially responsible section of the fest featuring environmental workshops and social initiatives. Also, on site will be the Lolla Fun Fair where circus acrobats will showcase their own particular set of skills.

Not only is Berlin known for its artistry and now a host to its own Lollapalooza but as a contemporary European city, foodie and cocktail culture shine brightly as well. The food scene is particularly tantalizing with hotspots like Chicha with its Latin-inspired menu featuring ceviche and chicharron. Crackers is a hyper-modern club turned restaurant that has a fine dining atmosphere that turns into late-night dance parties. Krumpel & Keule takes a slightly more casual approach to its dining. With a walk-up window on the street, this modern day butcher shop offers fresh, local sausages, salami and cured meats that aren’t to be missed. Eins Unternull calls upon sustainability and artistry as their muse. Specializing in individual plates, the chefs here offer up to a 10-course meal so, as they say, they can fully convince you of their culinary craftsmanship.

Berlin is known for a lot of this and beer is one of them; it’s a beverage the Germans know plenty about. das Meisterstück is a fantastic, traditional-style German pub that sells fresh grilled bratwurst because there are few better combinations on Earth. For a lighter atmosphere, check out Le Croco Bleu for their take on the world of exotic cocktails in an ambiance of a contemporary art gallery. The Bar at Aunt Benny represents the cozy atmosphere of a local neighborhood bar. Open until 1 a.m., Aunt Benny invites guests to sip expertly mixed cocktails by candlelight.

As far as hotels go, Berlin could very well lead the world in impressive modern boutiques. The Dude Hotel claims to be one of the only true design hotels in the city. Not only is the space ripe with carefully curated design features but the staff is handpicked based strictly on their character, which only lends to its charm. The Mandala Suites offer the sort of all-in-one hotel experience an avid traveler is after. It’s not so much a hotel as a residence featuring a world-class fitness room and sauna and enough niceties to send you over the edge. The Hotel de Rome offers classic Italian styling mixed with contemporary Berlin tastes. This historic building resides in the heart of Berlin’s Bebelplatz neighborhood overlooking the fashionable Mitte district.

Those of you planning a Berlin adventure this year centered around an epic Lollapalooza, take note of all the city has to offer as you effortlessly move from the festival and beyond.

Lollapalooza Berlin will take place from Sept. 10-11 at Treptow Park in Berlin, Germany. Tickets can be purchased here.