Upright Citizen’s Brigade Improv ‘ASSSSCAT’ Takes Stage at UCB Franklin Theatre

Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB) is a staple on the national comedy scene. After its first theatre opened in New York City in 1996, UCB has brought both improv shows and improv classes to its original location in New York as well as two locations in Los Angeles. “ASSSSCAT,” a recurring improv show, is a heavy-hitter of the UCB lineup, both in Los Angeles and New York, and has received high praise both locally and critically.

“ASSSSCAT” brings big names working in film and TV, accompanied by a special monologist, the group takes suggestions from the audience and the show is up and running. Through the monologist’s perspective on life, love and anything else, the improv group takes that lens and uses it to create wild, out-of-this-world scenarios that are elevated by the group’s expertise and insanely hilarious dynamic.

The show, held in the Franklin Theatre, features a rotating cast, including Matt BesserIan RobertsMatt WalshSean ConroyLauren LapkusJoe Wengert and Zach Woods. And not only does the show’s rotating cast come from an impressive slew of projects, including “Orange is the New Black,” “Key and Peele and “New Girl,” but each show features a guest monologist and occasionally includes guest improv-ers to keep things new and fresh for each performance, while still maintaining its veteran status amongst the UCB community.

“ASSSSCAT” is one of the reasons that UCB has been able to establish itself as one of the pinnacles of improv comedy, and is one of the reasons it has been able to maintain that status for the last 11 years.

ASSSSCAT takes the stage select Saturdays and Sundays through Feb. 24 at UCB Franklin Theatre