Largo Hits Maximum Hilarity with Sarah Silverman & Friends

Sarah Silverman‘s unapologetic style has made her one of the most popular comedians today. She’s been on stages around the globe, won an Emmy and all the while never compromised who she was – and that’s what fans continue to celebrate about her and why they continue to line up for her shows.

Silverman wasn’t even old enough to cast a vote the first time she did stand-up in Boston. Soon after graduating, she headed to New York for college. While she didn’t graduate, she did use the time to start gaining footage in the local comedy scene in Greenwich Village. A year later in 1993 she found herself on “Saturday Night Live.” While she was only on 18 weeks, it helped push her in the right directions in terms of where she was supposed to be in Hollywood. Silverman is a huge personality and to cage her on a show like “SNL” was a bit criminal.

On her own, she shined in moves like “School of Rock” and in the Disney hit “Wreck-It Ralph.” While Silverman is obviously a gem in blockbusters, she really did her best on TV in her own show, “The Sarah Silverman Program.” It debuted in 2007, ran for three seasons, and was a fan favorite on the network. Come 2014 she found herself on the receiving end of her second Emmy when she won for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special for “Sarah Silverman: We Are Miracles.”

Throughout her career, Silverman has never feared a topic. While others would stay away from things like race, sexism and religion – not her. Her style is definitely one that would make a conservative grandmother blush. While her mouth is a bit filthy, she holds onto this sense of charm that is undeniable and that has kept her afloat and on top of the pack.

Sarah Silverman & Friends come to the Largo Sept. 22. Tickets can be purchased at Largo‘s website.