‘Literary Death Match’ Combines Comedy and Literature at Largo

Literary Death Match” combines live comedy, writing and improv for a one-of-a-kind show that brings together laughter and literature to the stage. Founded by Adrian Todd Zuniga, the production has been around since 2006 and brings together famous and emerging authors with comedians to showcase off-the-cuff writing with improv in a show that’s unique, fast-paced and downright hilarious.

Each show begins with four writers reading their own work for about five minutes and they are then judged by three all-star judges.  The judges rate the work based on witty improv commentary as they go along, and eventually, choose his or her favorite, which will advance to the final round where the two finalists will compete to become the ultimate winner.

“Literary Death Match” is unlike any other comedy show because not only does it bring together comedy and literature in a completely unique way but the format itself makes each show completely different from the rest.

Literary Death Match” will be back in L.A. Sept. 15 at the Hammer Museum. The show is free. Join LDM’s mailing list for a reminder.