French Comedian Gad Elmaleh Brings His Point of View to The Theatre at Ace Hotel

For many Americans, Gad Elmaleh is a new face on the comedy scene. In Europe however, the 45-year-old Elmaleh is a well-known known superstar, appearing in hit movies and consistently selling out shows. His goal of breaking into the American comedy circuit is being realized with his “Oh My Gad” tour, which will make a stop at The Theatre at Ace Hotel.

Americans may have caught Elmaleh in the movie “Midnight in Paris,” or cruising with Jerry Seinfeld in an episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” He also has made the rounds on talk shows like “The Daily Show” over the past year.  

The French comic was born in Casablanca, Morocco, and English is his fourth language after French, Hebrew, and Arabic. He is known in France as introducing the standup comedy style and is sometimes called the “Ben Stiller of France” or the “Jerry Seinfeld of France” (Elmaleh was the voice of Seinfeld’s character in the animated “Bee Movie).

Elmaleh made the decision to move to New York City, and finessed his act with workshops and a residency. He launched his “Oh My Gad” tour this year, and since then, Elmaleh has been exercising his English comic delivery. His routine affably observes the cultural differences of France and America; and he adds physical comedy which translates in any language.

Sharing about his experience of taking on America in an interview with Vanity Fair, Elmaleh said, “When Americans, who have no idea who I am, laugh at my jokes, it’s exactly the same if someone loves you even if you’re not rich and famous — which is, of course, something I hope I never experience.”

Gad Elmaleh comes to The Theatre at Ace Hotel on Sept. 9. Tickets can be purchased here.