Jim Jefferies Brings ‘Unusual Punishment’ to Los Angeles

Hold on to your seat for a night of no-holds-barred comedy with Jim Jefferies when the comic takes his “Unusual Punishment Tour” to The Theatre at Ace Hotel.

Not for the faint of heart, Jefferies is known for his brash comic style, and his fans love him for it. The Australian born and English raised Jefferies now lives in Los Angeles. He gained the attention of many fans after his debut HBO special “I Swear to God.” More comedy specials followed, and then came his FXX series, “Legit.” While the show only lasted a couple of years, it’s become a cult favorite.

Jefferies has found increasing success online. Not only can you catch “Legit” on Netflix, the streaming platform also carried his “BARE” special, and his second special, “Freedumb,” premiered last July. Viral video clips have also raised Jefferies’ profile, especially since Jeffries doesn’t shy away from politics, religion, or other controversial topics. A segment from “BARE” about gun control made the rounds on the internet and in an interview with Esquire, he talked about how his candid style affects society: “You’re never going to change a person’s mind just with a joke. But what you do is to start a conversation. With my gun control thing, after Sandy Hook, no one mentioned Australia. And then I mentioned Australia, and now all you hear every time they talk about gun control they use Australia as an example. Nobody was doing that before. So nothing has changed, but I did start a conversation.”

After the “Freedumb” special premiered on Netflix, Jeffries has moved on to “The Unusual Punishment Tour,” so fans can expect some new material. Check him out for an unpredictable night of gasps and laughs.

Jim Jefferies is coming to The Theatre at Ace Hotel on Sept. 16. You can purchase tickets here.