‘The Americans’ Slow Season 5 Led to Questions of What’s to Come in the Final Season

The fifth season of “The Americans” has come to an end on FX. To be honest, it only led to more questions about what’s to come for Philip (Matthew Rhys), Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and their family as the next season—the sixth—will also be the last for the series.

The season picked up where the fourth left off. At that time, Elizabeth and Philip were thinking about going back to Russia. But somewhere between the fifth season premiere and the finale, it was clear that a move wasn’t in the future. Even though this could mean more danger for them, after season five it’s clear that staying could be the best way to protect Paige and Henry. Especially since the season began with Paige having suspicions about her mother living a secret life.

The fact that Pasha attempted to commit suicide at the end of the season is a perfect example of the danger they brought to Paige (Holly Taylor) and Henry (Keidrich Sellati) this time around. Interestingly enough, this also led to a turning point for Tuan Eckert (Ivan Mok). Elizabeth was able to see that he’s not as cold and distant as he tries to be. It’s safe to say she lived this life herself so she could easily pinpoint the same characteristics in Tuan.

The mother and daughter duo did have a turning point after Elizabeth explained the family business to her. But Paige’s relationship with Matthew Beeman (Danny Flaherty) certainly didn’t help the family dynamics either. Ironically enough, her relationship with Matthew faced more tension as she delved deeper into her parents’ true lifestyle. By the end of the season, she took part in training of her own, but it was clear she doesn’t quite measure up to Elizabeth. That didn’t stop Paige from looking for danger so she could prove herself worthy. Philip ended up taking the blame and apologizing to Paige for not being able to provide her with any level of normalcy.

The family got even more dysfunctional this season after the missions Philip and Elizabeth were sent on threatened their family and even the nation in unthinkable ways. On top of that, Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich) and Oleg’s (Costa Ronin) past resurfaced which brought even more drama and danger just as Philip’s blast from the past in the midseason.  

Philip and Elizabeth’s relationship took a hit this season too as a mission turns into a crisis. Philip’s danger of getting way too close to Kimmy (Julia Garner) was also a pivotal moment. And while Philip and Elizabeth have been able to last this long, it was certainly interesting to see the possibility of a mission tearing them apart beyond repair. But it might be safe to say they are way too strong and tough for that.

The Americans” season 6 returns to FX in early 2018.