Imagine Dragons’ Intimate L.A. Performance Gives Fans a Taste of Forthcoming Album ‘Evolve’

There aren’t many acts that bring the same kind of eclectic sound and energy-fueled performances that Imagine Dragons bring to their shows every night. While more accustomed to playing for large stadiums and festivals, the Las Vegas-bred band took to a more intimate venue at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles for a special performance.

With the release of their third album, ‘Evolve,’ coming later this month, Imagine Dragons have been taking some of their new songs on the road along with some fan favorites, making for a night of high-octane alternative rock. Opening with one of their new songs, “Thunder,” Imagine Dragons began their Los Angeles show with one of the band’s most popular songs to date.

Lit up with vibrant lights and elaborate laser lights shooting into the crowd, the stage design danced along  as lead singer Dan Reynolds moved about, jumping around to the band’s more upbeat songs and interacting with the rest of the band and fans at the front of the stage.

While their new album is set to come out very soon, the night’s focus was on the band’s more established hits from their albums, ‘Night Visions’ and ‘Smoke + Mirrors.’ One of the biggest responses from the fans was when Imagine Dragons performed the fan favorite, “It’s Time,” which had fans singing along with the chorus as Reynolds stood on stage and basked in the amazing moment that the fans were giving him and the band.

The night consisted of other hit songs from the band like “Demons,” “On Top of the World,” and “Bleeding Out.” Reynolds bantered with the crowd throughout the night, allowing him to share intimate moments, such as speaking about the recent birth of his daughter and how he wants the band’s music to be a tool to shape a better future for her and future generations amidst all of the current negativity going on in the world. The moment from Reynolds was a touching and heartfelt one that really resonated with those in attendance as they cheered Reynolds’ sentiments.

To close out the night, Imagine Dragons performed “I Bet My Life” and “Believer” before ending the night with an encore performance of their hit single, “Radioactive,” which easily brought the biggest cheers from the crowd.

Imagine Dragons brought their electric energy to the Belasco Theater on June 15.