Air Concludes Their North American Tour at L.A.’s Greek Theatre

On a warm Sunday night in Los Angeles, the French duo Air ended their North American “Twentyears” tour at the infamous Greek Theatre.

A woman who looked to be in her 50s or 60s dressed in colorful leggings and a headband asked the person next to her at the concession stand “so how long have you been an AIR fan?” This was not a show you just happened to buy tickets to. This was a show for the die-hard fans.

As the sun began to set behind the Hollywood Hills and the trees cast shadows on the crowd, the L.A.-based electro-rock trio Lo Moon, kicked off the night. Their third song “This Is It” and their last hit “Loveless” have been popular plays on Los Angeles stations such as KCRW and KROQ.

Not too long after Lo Moon finished their set and most of the audience had taken their seats, the lights on the stage lowered and the electro-synth keyboard echoed throughout the outdoor theater. This was Air’s first American tour since 2010, which was very apparent by the high level of anticipation surging through The Greek. The crowd went wild as the band played hit after hit, including the more atmospheric song, “Cherry Blossom.” By the crowd’s reaction, one might think that every song was the band’s most popular. And seeing as the duo’s latest album “Twentyears” is a compilation of their biggest hits over the years, that might not be far from the truth.

As the evening seemingly came to a close, the crowd began to grow restless, chanting “encore, encore” when the band left the stage. They quickly reemerged, introducing some local Los Angeles friends, including Grammy Award-winning artist Beck, to help them perform the song “How Does it Make You Feel.” They then followed up with one of their biggest mainstream hits, “Sexy Boy,” and closed the night with the ever popular “La Femme D’argent.”

The crowd was left buzzing off of the hit-filled set. The French duo not only closed out their seven city tour with a bang, but left many Angelenos wanting more from one of the most iconic euro electro-rock groups around.

AIR ends their seven city tour at L.A.’s Greek Theatre on June 25.