‘The Story of Diana’ Provides a Full Snapshot of a Life Worth Celebrating

The world watched with broken hearts 20 years ago as news of Princess Diana’s death crossed its television screens. On Aug. 31, 1997, the vehicle carrying the princess struck a support pillar at the Pont de L’Alma tunnel while trying to outrun the paparazzi. Diana survived the crash, but succumbed to her injuries several days later. Her partner at the time, Dodi Fayed, died at the scene along with driver Henri Paul. Paul was also the head of security at the Ritz Carlton, a property the prosperous Fayed’s owned.

The beloved Princess of Wales was not only one of the most charming figures on the planet, she was truly a wonderful philanthropist using her name as a way to serve the common good. But perhaps the biggest question isn’t why the paparazzi’s negligence led to the snuffing out of a life with such potential, but rather if Princess Diana was a target for a higher conspiracy.

The Story of Diana” is a two part, four hour documentary that unveils the multiple layers behind the icon’s death. Viewers will be taken behind the scenes with home videos of Diana’s upbringing. A great number of figures from historians, sovereign experts, and close family and friends will be unveiling the pieces of Diana’s life that have made her so beloved in the public eye. Viewers will be taken on an unparalleled trip full of secrets and unknown facts that may be surprising to most.

Part one of the documentary explores young Diana’s life on Sandringham Estate. Not surprising, Diana was a bit of a rebel and always had something up her sleeve, an element that was both annoying and intriguing at the same time. But nevertheless, that marked defiance only added to her whimsical charm. Life on the estate was anything but luxurious at times, and for the first time viewers will get a look into Diana’s upbringing with much more detail than ever before, with enriching interviews and special footage highlighting her journey to becoming a princess.

Prince Charles would later surface as a smooth talker and player as details of his dating life unfold, including a surprise member of Diana’s own family he had courted. Camilla Shand, presently the Duchess of Cornwall, is also introduced as one of Charles’s many prospects. But the reason he married Diana will be a shock to many. Also explored in part one is the royal wedding that was viewed by a staggering 750 million people worldwide, originally aired on ABC.

The series concludes with its second half which scrutinizes the extramarital affairs that may serve to shock viewers. Princess Diana catered to a few affairs that were acceptable in the royal palace. When one of her lovers died, it was Prince Charles himself who broke the news to his wife. Camilla has always been a strong name amongst the palace walls and for good reason. She was always nearby. The segment would include Diana’s reaction to this affair and how it was brought to public light.

Over time, Diana embraced her royalty and became one of the most well-known, respected individuals in history. She not only set a precedent for the royal party, she broke boundaries and rules that were deemed inappropriate. But she did it with so much class and grace even the Queen herself couldn’t bring the public to not love this philanthropist. Although Princess Diana had a tragic end to her short lived life, there is one constant element in her life; her undying legacy.

The story of Diana” part one and two aired on ABC Aug. 9 and Aug. 10 at 10 p.m. ET.