Sept 11 – Sept 17 • Essential Weekly Concert Guide • NYC Edition

Brockhampton at Highline Ballroom | Sept 11
Hailed as an alternative hip hop “boyband,” Brockhampton is a collection of artists, most notably headline by r&b/hip hop artist, Kevin Abstract. After finding their prominence on online forums and streaming sites, Brockhampton became a force in hip hop and hailed as one of the groups to watch in this current year. With the release of their first and second album in the same year, it’s hard to say that the “The Internet’s first boy band” isn’t slacking off at all.

Depeche Mode at Madison Square Garden Arena | Sept 11
As leaders of the synth pop and new wave genres, Depeche Mode are truly legends. The British force has been fine tuning their sound since the early 80s and have gone on to influence many bands including No Doubt, Deftones, Cold Play, Muse, and many others. Although Depeche Mode conquers tones that are geared towards a dark and bleek sort of sentiment, their songs tackle subjects of religion, love, politics and sex.

Post Animal at Mercury Lounge | Sept 11
Coming out of the city of Chicago, Post Animal taps into a sound that is closely tied to music of the 60s and 70s. Their psychedelic vibes create a feeling of simplicity with a complex soul and brings an almost humble feel as they stay true to the aesthetics that they created during their days of performing in crowded basements at friends houses. Post Animal brings a groove that is unlike many bands today and pays homage to psych bands that have come before them with ease.

Thee Oh Sees at Bowery Ballroom | Sept 11
After two solid shows at the Warsaw, Thee Oh Sees head over to the other side of town to the Bowery Ballroom for another show. Thee Oh Sees have gone under several name changes of the years, most notably their recent change to Oh Sees. With the release of their most recent album, “Memory of a Cut Off Head,” Thee Oh Sees bring more of their folky, indie rock to the forefront in a solid project that features songs about love, heartbreak, and dealing with personal struggles.

Arcade Fire (Album Signing) at Rough Trade | Sept 11 + Madison Square Garden Arena | Sept 12
With the release of their newest album, “Everything Now,” that was released this past July, Arcade Fire is set to embark on their latest tour, the Infinite Content tour, which will be making its way through Madison Square Garden. Arcade Fire has been winning over fans since the early 2000s with tier brand of indie rock that has garnered them accolades such as a Grammy Award and several other awards worldwide. The eclectic use of instruments brings a sound that is unlike any other in the genre and brings out the lighthearted side of life.

Norah Jones at Le Poisson Rouge | Sept 11-12
Since  the release of her debut album, “Come Away With Me” in 2002, Norah Jones has been one of jazz’s stand out performers The truly emotional record caught fire around the world, and Jones’ sultry, soothing voice became one that jazz and soul enthusiasts just couldn’t turn off. After selling over 45 million albums worldwide, winning nine Grammy awards, and now releasing her new album, “Day Breaks,” Norah Jones is returning to her jazz roots for another intimate, touching album.

Paul McCartney at Prudential Center | Sept 11 + 12 + 15
As one of the founding members of The Beatles and then continuing on in to what been nothing short of a stellar career, Paul McCartney is truly one of rock n roll’s most iconic and influential artists alive today. With a catalog of music that spans over 50 years, countless platinum albums and singles, Paul McCartney’s live shows boast an experience that is truly unmatched and delve into the historic career of the legendary artist.  In the three hour live performance, songs from The Beatles, Wings, and his solo work will all be on display and there’s no doubt that special guests will surely make an appearance along the way.

Del The Funky Homosapien at Brooklyn Bowl | Sept 12
As one of the founding members of the iconic hip hop group, the Heiroglyphics, Del The Funky Homosapien has been one of the west coast’s most beloved artists, especially in his hometown of Oakland. Del lives up to his name by providing the funk and brings the best of the classic boom bap sound by also mixing it in with the laid back, relaxing vibes that the bay area is known for.

Prophets of Rage at Apollo Theater | Sept 12
Earlier last year, the forming of a supergroup occurred that seemingly came out of nowhere, however feels as if its been long overdue. Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, and Brad Wilk of Rage Against The Machine joined powers with Chuck D of Public Enemy and B-Real of Cypress Hill to form what is now official called Prophets of Rage. The union of rock and hip hop’s superpowers has been an unstoppable force since their inception and have consistently brought their aggressive and conscious music to the stage for the past year.

Sublime w/ Rome & The Offspring at PNC Bank Arts Center | Sept 12
As two of the 90s biggest bands, Sublime and The Offspring will be bringing a night of punk and ska nostalgia to the stage with their joint tour. Sublime, who was formerly headed by frontman Brad Nowell, continues to bring their blend of reggae, rock, and punk that brought them out of the streets of Long Beach in the mid 90s. The Offspring, known for their aggressive and fast paced punk style were one the frontrunners in leading the generation of punk music that came out of the late 90s.

Adam Ant at Beacon Theatre | Sept 13
Coming out of London as an underground, post-punk artist, Adam Ant began his career by cultivating a cult following which eventually brought him to the forefront of the genre in the late 80s. With over 40 million albums sold over the span of his career,  Adam Ant has since taken over not only his home of London, but has spread his music throughout his 3 decade career and has released several number one albums and singles.

James Blake at The Appel Room at Jazz at Lincoln Center | Sept 13
The UK crooner, James Blake,  is truly unlike any artist within his genre. Through his illustrative dark and somber tones, Blake perfectly balances eletronica, r&b, gospel, and soul in a package that is meant to truly evoke the deepest feelings of the broken hearted and wayward souls. In a special performance, James Blake will be performing a piano focused set at the Appel Room of the Lincoln Center for an intimate crowd.

Young the Giant w/ Cold War Kids at Central Park SummerStage | Sept 13
Hailing from Los Angeles, the quintet of musicians known as Young the Giant first broke out onto the music scene with their self-titled album in 2010 which went on to reach certified gold. Known for their songs “My Body” and “Cough Syrup,” Young the Giant provide a breath of fresh air in the contemporary rock genre with their politically conscious material, as evident on their latest album, Home of the Strange.

Public Service Broadcasting at Music Hall of Williamsburg | Sept 13
One part educational piece and another part rock band, Public Service Broadcasting brings an interesting situation to the stage that is completely intriguing. To go along with their masterful playing of strings, drums and electronic kits, PSB brings a unique visual and sonical experience to the stage through their blaring old public information films, archive footage and propaganda that they display behind them on old vintage TV sets. It’s not a history lesson at all, but don’t be surprised if you leave a show having learned a thing or two.

Electric Guest at Music Hall of Williamsburg | Sept 14
After meeting at the house of producer, Danger Mouse, Electric Guest’s Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton decided to collaborate. In 2012, the duo found released their debut album, “Mondo,” which was met with great praise. Now in 2017, Electric Guest released their latest album, “Plural,” which contains more of the favorite blend of indie pop, Motown soul, and California rock. Tickets are currently sold out but a handful can be found on Stubhub.

Father John Misty at Capitol Theatre | Sept 14
As Father John Misty, musician Josh Tillman created a force of nature that is one part enigma and one part genius. Through powerful lyricism and an the simplicity of staying behind his acoustic guitar, Father John Misty creates music that navigates through themes of aging, social media, human connection, fame, technology, politics and more. The cleverly outspoken artist brings an honesty and a sense of intimacy in his indie rock that many artists can only strive to bring to the stage.

Kasabian at Terminal 5 | Sept 14
Since coming onto the music scene in the early 2000s, Kasabian has been bringing their indie rock/ alt rock sound to the stage and garnering tons of praise and awards in the process. With the release of their latest album, “For Crying Out Loud,” earlier this year, Kasabian put out another album that has received a ton of critical success and has been dubbed possibly their best album yet with their in your face taste of rock.

Mondo Cozmo at Bowery Ballroom | Sept 14
Hailing out of East LA, Mondo Cozmo is inspired by the landscape he grew up in, but also by a tapestry of artists that range from Bob Dylan to the Beastie Boys. After being discovered by several radio stations in the LA area, Mondo Cozmo was able to secure a record deal and his single “Hold On To Me,” has been in rotation around the world ever since. Channeling the aforementioned Bob Dylan in his vocal performance, Mondo Cozmo provides a soothing and ear perking experience with his songs about love and life experiences.

Patti Smith & Her Band at Central Park SummerStage | Sept 14
As one of the primary reasons for the New York punk movement in the 1970s,  Patti Smith is easily a legend in her own right and is regarded as one of Rolling Stone’s 100 greatest artists. Labeled the “punk poet laureate” Smith has always been a force that hasn’t been afraid to be outspoken on societies issues through her music. These days, Patti Smith is still rocking it as she always has but is now working with her band.

Sam Hunt at Madison Square Garden Arena | Sept 14
Sam Hunt is considered to be one of contemporary country’s biggest heartthrobs, but don’t let that distract you from appreciating his deep, emotional, and honest music. Taking pieces of r&b and pop, Hunt is constantly seeking to create a new sound in country that appeals to all types of music fans. Sometimes, you can easily compare Sam Hunt to artists like R. Kelly and Ginuwine, and on the other end, Hunt can sound more like some of country’s legends like Willie Nelson and George Strait.

Sturgill Simpson at Radio City Music Hall | Sept 14
Sturgill Simpson is one of music’s most dynamic music artists for his ability to bend and shape genres into his own unique take. In each of his three albums, Simpson displays that he is able to take from genres such as country, rock, soul and r&b and push the expectations and boundaries of what each genre is expected to sound like. With a couple of Grammy nominations for his album, “A Sailor’s Guide To Earth” last year, Simpson is preparing for another stellar album to come out some time this year.

Talib Kweli at Brooklyn Bowl | Sept 14
As one half of Blackstar and seemingly one of hip hop’s greatest contributors in his solo work, Talib Kweli is still considered to be one of the genre’s greatest lyricists. As a proponent of what hip hop fans call “conscious rap,” Kweli has become one of the leaders of speaking on social injustice and providing political insight through his music.  

Toto w/ Pat Benatar, Neil Giraldo at Beacon Theatre | Sept 14
With a few of the 80s biggest musical acts, the Beacon Theatre will be hosting a special night that will sure bring some nostalgia. Best known for their hit songs “Rosanna” and “Africa,” Toto has been bringing their iconic, relaxing style of rock for nearly three decades. In a decade where powerful female singers began to make some noise, Pat Benatar stands out as one of the biggest and most influential female artists of her time. Known for timeless hits like “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” and “Live Is A Battlefield,” Pat Benatar made love songs for a generation of music fans.

1-800-Dinosaur w/ Joy Orbison, James Blake at Secret Location (Brooklyn) | Sept 15
Featuring an assortment of producers, most notably, James Blake, 1-800-Dinosaur is a supergroup of sorts that features some of music’s most talented producers out right now. 1-800-Dinosaur brings in elements of house, hip hop, electronica, r&b and more into a package that can change at any moment. From dark, heavy hitting singles, to more mellow and melodic relaxers, 1-800-Dinosaur brings everything to the table.

Erykah Badu at Prudential Hall | Sept 15
Grammy winner, millions of albums sold worldwide, and witheasily one of the most soothing and unique voice to ever grace the neo soul genre, Erykah Badu is something that comes around probably once in a lifetime. After the release of her debut album, “Baduizm,” in 1997, Erykah Badu has been the driving force behind the neo-soul movement that brought artists like Floetry and Jill Scott to the forefront. Blending hip hop, soul, and jazz into a sound that sounds like an era of old, Badu brings an old soul to the music scene.

Ghostface Killah at Brooklyn Bowl | Sept 15
With a voice that is iconic as his name, Ghostface Killah, is known for being one of the founding and most prolific members of the hip hop group, the Wu Tang Clan. With the release of albums like “Supreme Clientele” and “Fishscale,” Ghostface Killah brought a couple of hip hop classics to the fold and certified that idea that he is one of hip hop’s finest storyteller alive. Being placed on many lists as one of the top 100 MCs of our time, there’s no doubt that Ghostface is a treasured piece of hip hop’s golden era.

Joseph at Music Hall of Wiliamsburg | Sept 15
There’s something that special in finding a music bond with siblings that has brought the music world so many iconic groups. With Joseph, the trio of sisters is looking to add their name into the line of legendary siblings groups. Starting off in playing in small rooms and backyard parties, Joseph began to build a name for themselves after being recognized for the striking arrangements and somewhat haunting intensity. Their latest album, “I’m Alone, No You’re Not,” was released last year to much critical praise and has elevated Joseph to another level in the pop/folk genre.

Teen Daze at Sunnyvale | Sept 15
Also known as Jamison Isaak, the Canadian EDM artist has made changes to his style in recent years. Now carrying a more indie pop tone in his music, Teen Daze’s new take on his music is a refreshing shift that has been met with positive reactions. Issak’s latest project, “Themes For Dying Earth” was released earlier this year and continues to push the boundaries of his sound and shows another step in the progression of his production for the better.

The Gipsy Kings at Beacon Theatre | Sept 15
Bred in France, yet inspired by Latin American culture through their manipulation of genres like salsa, flamenco, and pop, the Gipsy Kings have brought their unique rhythmic taste of music to the stage for nearly four decades.

Two Door Cinema Club at Knitting Factory Brooklyn | Sept 15
Two Door Cinema Club’s fast-paced brand of indie rock is the perfect catalyst in inducing a dance party. Hailing from Northern Ireland, the indie rock trio has been featured in countless films, television shows, and commercials. Their approachable taste of dance-punk is often light-hearted but also delves into topics like heartbreak for the hopeless romantic.

Black Joe Lewis at Brooklyn Bowl | Sept 15-16
Black Joe Lewis is a product of the Austin music scene, and it is apparent in the amount of soul and blues that he injects into his art. Drawing from influences like James Brown and his early years experimenting with the guitar, Black Joe Lewis has been a strong addition to the sprawling blues scene in the Austin area. Along the lines of artists like Gary Clark Jr, Black Joe Lewis is truly a powerful force to be reckoned with in the blues genre.

Basilica Soundscape ft. Zola Jesus, John Maus, Thou, Protomartyr, Priests at Basilica Hudson | Sept 15-17
Basilica Soundscape isn’t exactly your typical music festival. Held at the Basilica Hudson, Basilica Soundscape is publicized as being the “antifestival” as it brings not only music but focuses on visual art, literature and lectures that are meant to provoke a strong cognitive and soul shaking response. Rather than taking a trip, the journey to the Basilica is described as more of a immersive pilgrimage that attendees will be able to experience during the three day festival, or lack thereof.

The Meadows Festival ft. Jay-Z, Gorillaz, Future, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nas, Bassnectar, Weezer, Erykah Badu, Run The Jewels, Migos, Two Door Cinema Club, Milky Chance, Blood Orange at Citi Field | Sept 15-17
With the summer concert series slowly coming to its crescendo, Queens is bringing one more big festival to the forefront with The Meadows. This serving of music brings an eclectic bunch to the stage with the likes of Jay-Z, Gorillaz, Future, Two Door Cinema  Club, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers set to headline the three night event. From indie rock, to hip hop and neo soul, The Meadows is looking to cover all of your music needs.

2Cellos at Radio City Music Hall | Sept 16
It’s often thought that classical music isn’t something that is exactly “cool,” however, the 2Cellos take that idea and flip it on its head with there own style of music. Hailing from Croatia, the cello playing duo takes classical music and gives it a rock twist by providing covers of U2, Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, Muse, among many other bands. Their furious and tactile manipulation of their instruments is something to be marveled at.

BadBadNotGood at Irving Plaza | Sept 16
Through building a solid resume of covers of hip hop songs, Toronto’s own BadBadNotGood created a buzz in the hip-hop community. Shortly after, BBNG was given the opportunity to work with the likes of Tyler, The Creator and Ghostface Killah. Now making their own original music, BBNG is making some more noise with their blend of jazz, blues and hip-hop.

Frenship at Rough Trade | Sept 16
With their single, “Capsize” reaching 55 million streams on Spotify and becoming a major hit in 2016, Frenship has become a new band to keep a close eye on. The L.A. based duo made up of James Sunderland and Brett Hite will be making their way across the country to bring a bit of Westcoast flavor to the New York crowd.

Middle Kids at Music Hall of Williamsburg | Sept 16
At the moment, the Middle Kids have been popping up everywhere as one of the bands to watch for the rest of the year. Their single, “Edge of Town,” has garnered a ton of attention since its release mid last year, and the Australian trio has since released their latest project, “Rug825,” which features more of the bands lo-fi, laid back style.

The Afghan Whigs at Bowery Ballroom | Sept 15 + Brooklyn Steel | Sept 16
The Afghan Whigs have been rocking out from Ohio since the mid 80s, however after a long hiatus from making music beginning in 2001, the Whigs have come back in full force after reuniting in 2011. Their latest album, “In Spades,” brings another honest album that focuses on topics of drug addiction, sex, and navigating through personal relationships. Bringing both a healthy dose of their rock, and a handful of crafty covers, the Whigs balance style with substance.

Dermot Kennedy at Music Hall of Williamsburg | Sept 17
Hailing from Dublin, Dermot Kennedy made waves with the release of his debut EP, “Doves & Ravens.” Featuring production that is both somber and explosive, Kennedy provides an intimate look into his own life through the use of hip hop and r&b inspired percussion and vocals that are hauntingly beautiful.

Slick Rick w/ EPMD at Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk | Sept 17
Slick Rick brought a kind of bravado and swagger to hip hop during its golden age that was unrivaled by any other rapper around. Hailing from England, Slick Rick The Ruler brought a regal presence to the hip hop genre, laced in gold rings and diamonds and an eye patch that has since become his iconic look. With a flow that is as laid back as they come, Slick Rick brought presented a style unheard of in hip hop then and is still unmatched today.

Suzanne Vega at City Winery NYC | Sept 17
Hailing from New York, Suzanne Vega will be performing at holme and will be celebrating the 30th and 25th anniversaries of her albums, “Solitude Standing” and “99.9F.” Having been the leading figure behind the folk revival of the 1980s, Suzanne Vega went on to earn a nomination for Record of the Year with the release of her album, “Solitude Standing” several decades ago.

Wild Belle at Le Poisson Rouge | Sept 17
Headed by brother and sister combo, Natalie and Elliot Bergman, Wild Belle is a band that is truly in tune with each other in a way that truly shows through their music. Their trips through stages in life dealing with struggles of relationships, shedding the unrelenting carrying of baggage, and falling in love again ring true and are an honest look at both Elliot and Natalie’s own experiences.