‘Bobs Burgers’ Serves up Bottomless Laughs in Fan-Drawn Season 8 Premiere

Whether they’re dusting off their many musical numbers for a gigantic soundtrack or hitting the road for live table-readings and Q&A sessions, the creators of “Bobs Burgers” are all about giving back to their fans. After all, it has been the fans who for seven seasons have built the show into an empire through merchandising and, of course, all the burger of the day memes. For their eighth season premiere, the powers that be over at “Bobs” wanted a new way to give back to their rabid fanbase, and they sure found a creative one. They let fans animate the whole thing, a move that put the Belcher kids’ quest for a new dog and Bob’s expansion into the brunch racket entirely in the fans’ hands.

From the show’s outset a number of animation styles were on display, totaling 62 when all was said and done. This reviewer gets paid to watch cartoons, though, not to do math, and things started moving way too quickly by around animation style no. 15. Speaking of things that went by quickly, it has only been about four months since the Belchers have graced fans’ screens, and yet it already feels like an eternity has passed. Over the break the Belcher kids met a puppy and all three fell in love, even the hard-as-nails Louise (Kristen Schaal), who described it as “like Shirley Temple stuffed in a teddy bear stuffed in the kid from Jerry Maguire.” Now that sounds like a pup worth petting. Sadly, Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) aren’t as smitten, choosing instead to focus on expanding their business into brunch in an attempt to compete with Jimmy Pesto (Jay Johnston). Of course, Bob’s over the moon, spending countless hours in the kitchen having conversations with his new tasty menu editions.

Meanwhile, notoriously creepy and eccentric landlord Mr. Fischoeder (Kevin Kline) finds himself in the throes of a hide and seek game with his brother Felix (voiced by the hilarious albeit hard-to-spell Zach Galifianakis). The Belcher kids might not be able to take care of a dog, but they do get to harbor a felix, which is far from the next best thing. While Linda makes nice with a self-righteous brunch blogger, Luise hustles to keep Felix’s whereabouts under wraps thanks to a cash reward he promises her.

Of course, much like the mimosas the restaurant’s customers keep abusing, the laughs in this season premiere are bottomless. Gene’s (Eugene Mirman) turn as new restaurant mascot Brunchsquatch smacks of hilarity and genius. Who wouldn’t follow that creature to the ends of the Earth, let alone a tasty brunch restaurant? It’s just too bad neither Bob or Linda got the memo about needing a one-meal minimum or watering down those tasty drinks. Neither did Teddy, who passes out, because of course he does.

Linda’s bound and determined to get the “brunch skunks” out, while the kids are equally determined to keep Felix in. It’s quite the tussle leading to a drunken free-for-all. Mimosas will make people do crazy things, even crazier when they’re bottomless. “You can’t just add a bottom! That’s illegal.”

Bobs Burgers” season 8 premiered Oct. 1 and airs Sundays at 7:30 p.m. ET on Fox.