‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Ends With the Explosive Possibility of a Crossover

AMC’s spin-off “Fear the Walking Dead” closed its doors on season three last night in an explosive two-hour episode, which by the end of its conclusion leaves fans hanging with many unanswered questions. On the heels of “The Walking Dead” 100th episode season eight return, “Fear” opened with a yuletide flare, but the ending doesn’t remain as merry for most.

The fate of many of the characters is unknown by the season’s end. This is typical fauter in “The Walking Dead” world, which hinges its cliffhanging storytelling devices on whether or not a character(s) has survived. It’s a common device that was most notably used with the baseball bat scene at the end of season six when Negan decided to play a deadly game of “eeny, meeny miny, moe.” The fate of the characters was not revealed until the season premiere, and much of the same occurs here with “Fear.”

After Nick (Frank Dillane) blows-up the dam, which served as a central hub for much of the third season, a dominant river flows, carrying Madison (Kim Dickens), Strand (Coleman Domingo) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) along with it. While much of the core cast was swept away in the ravishing waters, only Madison emerges from to the top. Nick and an injured Daniel (Ruben Blades) last appeared to be standing upon the crumbling concrete. The rest of the characters may or may not be so lucky, but all will presumably be revealed come the season four return next spring.

Most of the supporting players introduced throughout season three were whipped off the slate by seasons end, including Lola (Lisandra Tena), Efrain (Jesse Borrego), and Troy (Daniel Sharman), keeping the core cast of characters mostly intact. Unlike the main show, which kills off core characters as quickly frequently as Rick has a breakdown, “Fear” tends to hang onto its central cast. It’s a different route, albeit refreshing.

An exciting easter egg filtered into the final episode is one that promises the prospect of a crossover within the series. The finale gave a small clue to the potential question as to how the world in “Fear the Walking Dead” and its flagship “The Walking Dead” coincide, and furthermore which characters might serve as the conduit to bring the crossover to actuality.

Proctor John (Ray McKinnon) talked about his plan to set sail for “what’s left of Houston” with Alicia. Interestingly enough, Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz), who got the short end of the baseball bat with Negan’s malevolent game, struck out the forefront of the apocalypse inside a Houston grocery store.  It’s a small seed of information that would allow the timelines and the worlds within “The Walking Dead” to converge seamlessly.

It is certain that season four will center on vengeance as a result of the dam’s destruction. Although both of the shows here are set during the zombie apocalypse, fellow humans have prominently emerged as the main threat. While a crossover would serve as an interesting device for dedicated followers, “Fear The Walking Dead” should have no problem standing (or walking) on its own two feet until the time inevitably comes.

Fear the Walking Dead” season 3 finale aired Oct. 15 on AMC.