Imagine Dragons Light up Brooklyn’s Barclays Center as Part of Their ‘Evolve’ Tour

Imagine Dragons are a band that has quickly made the ascent from the band with “that one song” to full-fledged arena rockers, with myriad songs that elicit monstrous crowd reactions. So it was no surprise when they announced a date at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center alongside K.Flay and GroupLove, two incredibly talented acts in their own right. The energy couldn’t be matched anywhere when Imagine Dragons took the Barclays stage on Oct. 23 as part of their “Evolve” tour, reminding fans just what the scintillating outfit is made of.

The opening acts did their job in setting the tempo for what would be a glorious evening. K.Flay really showed her spunk as a performer, hashing out a 30-minute set that a few fans wished would have gone on a bit longer. Still, she exhibited signs of a fully refined performer. It’s clear this won’t be her last time on a stage as significant as Barclays. GroupLove’s performance teemed with the kind of energy one would expect from hearing their tracks on the radio, and by the time they wrapped up, there was a distinct buzz permeating the audience.

When the lights fell and the eerie, Michael Myers-esque opening to “I Don’t Know Why” hit the speakers, the Barclays center exploded. To Imagine Dragons’ credit, they milked the reaction for all it was worth, proving themselves as already grizzled arena rockstars. Lead singer Dan Reynolds built on that formula, constantly engaging with the adoring audience throughout. Right after the first song he even took a break and chatted up some fans, reminding them that despite all the chaos going on around the world, music is the glue that holds everyone together. Then they launched into “It’s Time,” their first big single, and the reaction was deafening.

Imagine Dragons filled their set with all their standout hits, but even lesser known cuts got pretty incredible reactions this night. The whistle-filled bounce of “Gold” had countless members of the audience strutting their stuff, while “Yesterday” had everyone belting along with incredible vigor. The crew laid the “Evolve” fare on pretty thick, but it’s only fair considering this is the “Evolve” tour.

Of course, songs like “Demons” were met with the hottest reactions of all, from the high-pitched and shrill to the low roars of masculinity. Everyone who came to Barclays got what they came for. Reynolds at one point even tasked the fans with choosing between “Dream” and “Amsterdam,” and an enthusiastic crowd elected the former. They even paid homage to a recently fallen musical icon, breaking into a cover of Tom Petty’s iconic “Won’t Back Down.” They capped things off with three scorchers in “Believer,” “Walking the wire,” and the massively successful “Radioactive.” In a final blaze of glory, Imagine Dragons departed the stage, leaving a gaggle of onlookers amazed and buzzing. Nothing could dampen their mood after that exhilarating live experience.

Imagine Dragons continue to prove their worth as a massive arena act, sending droves of fans home happy night after night. If their appearance at Barclays is any indication, Imagine Dragons will be a fixture of the arena circuit for many years and tours to come. Now that’s worth believing.

Imagine Dragons played the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Oct. 23.