iHeartRadio Album Release Party With Kelly Clarkson Gave Fans an Intimate Live Debut of ‘Meaning Of Life’

Kelly Clarkson is back and made it loud and clear on October 27 when she took the stage at iHeartRadio’s album release party to perform new songs and chat with guests. According to Clarkson, “Meaning Of Life” is the album the artist has been waiting to make for 15 years and is fueled by the musical influences that have been a part of her since high school.

Hosting the proceedings was Valentine of iHeartRadio, who first introduced attending members of the USO and Fallen Patriots organizations- organizations which are dear to Clarkson. Clarkson then took the stage and performed her hit “Break Away” for an excited audience. Clarkson would later say during her sit down with Valentine that during the performance a fan near the stage was singing so passionately “It almost gave me Beyonce hair.”

During the rest of the interview Clarkson discussed how she is still easily starstruck and shared how she had bumped into Mia Farrow at this very same event and found herself speechless- she added that it would probably be even worse if she bumped into Mery Streep. But then Clark opened up and explored more personal territory, discussing how becoming a parent changes an artist. “At this age your perspective has changed – especially with being a parent,” said Clarkson, adding that, “You’ve learned to be happy and confident with the cards you were dealt and the cards you steal.  We’re always learning, growing, changing.” Being surrounded by great people and friends is key as well, according to Clarkson.

While discussing the new album she went into detail into how even the nature of the new material can affect her stage persona. For the title track Clarkson described having to “grab the mic stand” because “It’s a preacher song.” Kelly went on to perform another one of her standards, “Because of You,” which was followed by the first single from the new album, “Love So Soft.” According to Clarkson it was difficult to choose a single because of how strongly everyone felt about the new album- but this particular track appeared to capture every nuance and flavor of the new record.

In a moment of friendly banter Clark thanked some of the kids in the front row and shared her family’s Halloween costume plans. Her husband Brandon plans to be the Beast from “Beauty and The Beast,” while her daughter will dress as Sarah from the movie “Labyrinth.”

Back into performance mode, Clarkson performed her massive hit “Stronger” and then crooned two new tracks, the ballad “Move You” and the edgier “Heat.”

Clarkson emphasized that this album is very much about the vocals, especially with her having come from a singing competition show. Clarkson is now a mentor on “The Voice” and shared that she sees herself a sort of cross between judges Simon and Blake. Clarkson then threw in a treat for those in attendance and performed a cover of “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons. Clarkson confessed she hates to work out but when she does it is Imagine Dragons she has blasting in her headphones.

In discussing other new tracks, Clarkson described the song “Medicine” as influenced by Mariah Carey and her work “Emotions.” The thumper “Whole Lotta Woman” was described by Clarkson as a jam about female empowerment, but which has actually received more love from her gay friends.

iHeartRadio’s Album Release Party With Kelly Clarkson took place Oct. 27 at L.A.’s iHeartRadio Theater.