Experience 2018 All-Star Chef Classic at L.A. LIVE

All-Star Chef Classic is a food event unlike any other. It’s a festival of food with hundreds of hungry visitors descending on L.A. LIVE March 7 – March 10. Over these four days, guests will experience a culinary showcase involving some of the best award-winning chefs in the world.

As well as food, the All-Star Chef Classic event will host several interactive dining experiences. Attendees can sample renowned signature dishes from world-famous chefs, prepared in front of them in an exciting stadium setting. There will be a four-part Masters Dinner Series exploring delicious dishes from American to Spanish cuisine. The Dinner Series will also shine a light on talented women in the food industry, and feature unique preparations using vegetables as the star ingredient.

There will also be two tasting events, where participants walk around the Chef’s Tasting Arena venue to try open-flame cooked food and famous offerings from celebrated chefs. You can expect appearances from some L.A. favorites such as José Andrés, Ludo Lefebvre, Nyesha J. Arrington, Michael Fiorelli and Katie Button. They will be joined by an several  international talents, including chefs focusing on Middle Eastern cuisine.

All-star Chef Classic will feature several dinners during the course of the event. The dinners will allow guests to sample cuisines from around the world focusing on particular types of ingredients or styles of cooking, starting with Vegetable Masters evening on Wednesday, March 7, which costs $295 for a regular ticket and $425 for the platinum package with an exquisite wine pairing.

On Friday, March 9 it’s female chefs that are showing off their cooking talents and creativity. This dinner aims to celebrate the important contribution that women make to the food industry. The All Star Women Masters Dinner takes place in the Restaurant Stadium and you can watch the chefs prepare your meal in kitchen. Also on Friday is the exciting Middle East Feast, which promises to take diners on a journey to discover the exotic flavors and aromas of middle eastern cooking. Tickets for the Middle East Feast start at $125, and it costs $250 for a tasting meal with a wine pairing included.

On Saturday, March 10, it’s the Spanish Masters turn to show off, and chefs Jose Garces and Jamie Bissonnette plan to do just that. This epic foodie fest will conclude with Grill & Chill which focuses on open fire cooking and barbecuing. Grill & Chill takes place on Saturday, March 10 and tickets cost $250-$425 each.

All-Star Chef Classic will take place at L.A. LIVE March 7 – March 10, and tickets range from $125 – $425 depending on the meal or event you book.