The Darkness Kick off Their North American Tour With an Energetic Rock Show in Los Angeles

British rockers The Darkness kicked off their North American tour on March 29 at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, starting off their journey across the States on a high note, playing to a packed house full of fans of all ages. Lead singer/guitarist Justin Hawkins took to the stage decked out in a leopard print out reminiscent of David Lee Roth, and the evening began with “Open Fire,” a song showcasing their signature timeless rock and roll sound off their fourth studio album “Last of Our Kind.” They followed that up with “Love Is Only a Feeling,” a power ballad from their debut album “Permission to Land.”

The Darkness consists of, in addition to Justin Hawkins, his brother Dan Hawkins on guitar, Frankie Poullain on bass, and the newest member of the band, drummer Rufus Tiger Taylor. The son of Queen drummer Roger Taylor, Rufus Tiger Taylor joined the band in May 2015 right after the release of “Last of Our Kind.” The youngest member of the band, Taylor proved his stuff that evening on upbeat songs such as “All the Pretty Girls,” a randy ode to the ladies and the first single off of “Pinewood Smile,” the band’s latest release that was dropped just this past October.

To no one’s surprise, The Darkness put on a high energy show. Watching one of their videos, it’s obvious that guys, especially Justin Hawkins love what they do, and on stage they truly thrive. Other highlights of the evening at the Fonda included “One Way Ticket,” during which Poullain added in some much needed cowbell, “Black Shuck,” “Barbarian,” “Southern Trains,” and “Solid Gold,” the latter two being standout tracks from the new album.

The evening came to a close with a shirtless encore, as Hawkins returned to the stage to applause without any clothing on his top half. The encore started off with “Japanese Prisoner of Love,” a song from the new album about the anguish of catching feelings. Then came not one, but two versions of the song that put the band on the map a decade and a half ago, “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.” First, they teased the crowd with a loungy version before ending the show with the full, original version. In between rifted through “Supersonic,” a 90s hit by another set of British rockers, Oasis.

The Darkness kicked off the N. Amercian leg of “Tour De Prance” March 29 at the Fonda Theatre. All dates and tickets are here.