Kali Uchis Performs for L.A. Fans in Support of New Album ‘Isolation’

Spending the majority of her youth moving back and forth between the United States and Colombia, Kali Uchis never really had a place that she considered to be home. After her family settled down in Virginia, Uchis had a short taste of normality in her life, yet she still searched for something more. In that area of discomfort, Uchis found that her love for music was more than the years she spent playing the saxophone and the piano as a child. Music became a way for Kali Uchis to express the feelings of trying to survive after being kicked out of her parents home at the age of 17, trying to find her own identity while living in Los Angeles, and dealing with the ins and outs of being a young woman finding her place in the music industry.

Many have stated that Kali Uchis somewhat channels vibes that come directly from artists like Amy Winehouse, and the observation is a fair comparison given her sultry, laid back vocals. However, don’t just dub Uchis as a copycat. Kali Uchis has carefully crafted a sound that draws from her Colombian roots mixed with west coast influences, the coast that she now calls home. Having worked with the likes of A$AP Rocky, Earl Sweatshirt, and most notably Tyler, the Creator, Uchis has been waiting for the chance to create a piece of work all her own, and with the recent release of her debut album, “Isolation,” the last piece was added to the tapestry.

At the Novo in Downtown L.A., before her upcoming performances at Coachella, Kali Uchis stepped onto the stage to a sea of die-hard fans who were completely mesmerized as she walked to the microphone, with its stand laced with flower petals. Nothing short of extravagant, Uchis came dressed in high silver boots and a matching outfit that made sure she was seen from the balcony. As outgoing as her stage design and outfit was, Uchis took the microphone with her shy demeanor, yet when she began to sing, all of that washed away.

While Kali Uchis just dropped her debut album, she didn’t forget to appeal to her day-one-fans by performing songs off of her EP, “Por Vida.” When Uchis began to sing “I don’t want to be your cigarette…” the opening lyrics to her hit song “Loner,” the crowd’s cheers hit deafening levels. As she continued through the song, the fans sang along with her, especially as she hit the chorus to the song. Throughout her set she performed new cuts from her album such as the single “Tyrant,” and her latest hit, “After The Storm.” While Jorja Smith and Tyler, The Creator didn’t come out as guests for their respective songs, Kali’s energy on stage easily made up for their absences. Towards the end of her set, Kali performed, “Just A Stranger,” and brought out The Internet’s standout guitarist and vocalist, Steve Lacy, to join her on stage.

With Coachella just around the corner, Kali Uchis made a powerful statement that she is ready for her time in the limelight. If you missed her at The Novo, you surely shouldn’t miss her at her next two appearances out in the desert.

Kali Uchis performed at The Novo in Los Angeles, CA on April 10. All upcoming shows and tickets are here.