‘Schitt’s Creek’: The Rose Family Look to the Future in Humorous Final Season

Schitt’s Creek,” the acclaimed Canadian sitcom that airs in the States on PopTV, is back for a sixth and final season. In the season premiere, we see the “riches to rags” Rose family looking ahead to new transitions. 

In the years since the once obscenely wealthy Rose family lost everything and was forced to move to rural Schitt’s Creek, a town they had previously purchased as a gag, each individual member has carved out a life in the quaint community. They’ve also become better people, even if they have never completely come down to earth. This is especially true of mom Moira (Catherine O’Hara), a former soap star who longs to revive her acting career. Last season, she gave her all filming the awesomely bad B-movie “The Crows Have Eyes III: The Crowening,” only to learn in the season finale that this project, which was supposed to be her big comeback vehicle, has been shelved. Devastated, she retreated into a closet, where we find her in the season six opener. Only a near-death experience, a fire caused by Mayor Roland Schitt’s (Christ Elliott) toaster mishap, gets her out of there, and after making sure her wigs are okay, she makes the shocking decision to retire from acting. “I all but perished for an unrequited love for an industry that has burned me over and over again,” she says.

Meanwhile, son David (Dan Levy) and Patrick (Noah Reid), having gotten engaged at the end of last season, go off in search of a wedding venue.We see here how the patient Patrick compliments his more temperamental partner, who does not initially invite his sister Alexis (Annie Murphy) to the outing. The siblings have a love-hate relationship, constantly hurling zingers at each, but there’s obviously real love between the two, and David’s having a hard time dealing with the fact that his sister is about to move away for six months to the Galapagos Islands to join her boyfriend, Ted (Dustin Milligan). Patrick steps in and invites Alexis, and Stevie (Emily Hampshire), their friend and owner of the motel the Rose family stays in, comes along, having some free time on her hands since her run in the local theater production of “Cabaret” has come to an end. They visit a picturesque home and fall in love with it (In real life, the location is Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto), only to discover that the only date for which they can get a reasonable rate is only a month away, which means Alexis would not be able to attend.

Ever the couple that knows how to spice things up, Moira and Johnny (Eugene Levy) decide to celebrate her retirement by going on a picnic and skinny dipping in the creek. However, before she can strip down, Moira gets a call from her agent, leaving her hubby in a vulnerable state. The episode ends with David and Patrick on the hunt again for another venue. Even though it is revealed that a mix-up means Alexis can attend the wedding, the engaged couple discover a hilarious reason why not to have their nuptials at the manor. Hint: It involves fresh pork. 

It’s probably safe to assume that the season finale will involve the wedding. It’s sure to be an affair that mixes heart and humor, as the younger Levy, who co-created the show with his father and is openly gay, has spoken about the importance of LGBTQ representation and creating a fictional world sans homphobia.

Schitt’s Creek” season six premieres Jan.7 and airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Pop.