Angelenos’ Destination for Rejuvenation

Los Angeles offers Hollywood history, remarkable landscapes and five-star resorts. But even with a plethora of spa options, many of us forget that we don’t have to board a plane to enjoy a relaxing vacation away from the everyday hustle of L.A. life. So instead of hopping on a flight, get in your car and take advantage of these properties within a few hours of your front doorstep.

Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes
The list of accolades garnered by the Terranea Spa over the years could fill a stack of neon pink Post-Its, twice. However, in an effort to conserve paper, all you have to know is this is a spa worthy of your attention. Situated only a short drive from L.A., the location fills over 50,000 square feet of placid space to offer guests a Southern California view of the Palos Verdes coastline. The 25 Mediterranean-style treatment rooms serve as a surrendering station for those looking to release the tension of their everyday lives. If you’re seeking a bit more of an escape, the Bungalow Retreat gives the option to rejuvenate during a three-, five- or seven-day stay with personal tailoring to suit your ideal preference. While the spa is recognized for its haircut and massage treatments, it also offers yoga, kayaking, hiking and intense physical fitness routines (both cardiovascular and resistance training).

The Chopra Center at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa
Sure, we could tell you that La Costa was voted as the #1 Wellness Spa in the nation by Spa Magazine and leave it at that, but what rests behind the title holds more allure than a simple number rank. Birthed in 1965, the Carlsbad-grounded award-winning spa prides itself in a commitment to heal the mind, body and soul through natural remedies — so it’s no surprise that the Zen master himself, Deepak Chopra, is behind this vision. With enough offerings to fill your weekend or simply kill an hour or two, the day spa boons guest with lush services, such as the Honey & Calendula Body Buff or Bee Propolis Massage. The Spa at La Costa is also known for its spectacular botanical gardens.

Golden Door
The Golden Door offers a temporary abode for those looking to re-center themselves during a weekend getaway. The program isn’t consistent with fad diets or quick-fix weight-loss solutions, but rather serves to implant knowledge to empower guests to make their own conscious choices long after they’ve strolled through the golden doors. The environmentally sustainable experience offers a variety of activities to assist in the aim to reset physically, mentally and spiritually. With 600 acres of breathtaking scenery neighboring the facility, hiking and outdoor activities are among the most requested means to reach inner clarity. Additionally, if hiking isn’t your forte, there are plenty of calorie-burning activities, from cardiovascular getups to strength training circuits. You’re sure to leave Golden Door equipped with weight training, nutritional and self-healing knowledge.

Estancia La Jolla
It’s only fitting that one of the most upscale neighborhoods in the country would be home to a luxury spa so serene in appeal you’ll have a hard time driving your lightened soul back to L.A.’s bustling county line after your treatments. Lay out beneath one of the elegant cabanas bordered by plush gardens and spend your day soaking up rays next to the heated saltwater pool and whirlpool. For those seeking more activity, the 820-square-foot Executive Fitness Center has plenty of options to get your heart pumping, as well as an abundance of treatments in the spa. Choose from a full menu of facials, massages and body treatments that will cause the body and soul to surrender upon contact.