All-Male Dance Company BalletBoyz to Perform in Los Angeles

When thinking of ballet, one often imagines young women prancing around in tutus to elegant music. Well, ballet enthusiasts and casual fans will have their expectations defied when all-male dance company  BalletBoyz visit the Los Angeles Music Center November 7–9 as part of its North American tour this fall.

Formed in London by former Royal Ballet Dancers Michael Nunn and William Travis in 2001, BalletBoyz features dancers from all different backgrounds. The videos on the group’s official website show exceptionally fit dancers performing (often without the hindrance of shirts) in a variety of breathtaking routines that showcase their strength and agility.

After touring the world, one would think that visiting the States would be less than thrilling for the BalletBoyz — but that’s not the case at all, at least for several of the company’s newest members. Andrea Carrucciu, 24, is especially looking forward to seeing Los Angeles and the Music Center, since this will be the venue’s 50th year. “It’s going to be a real celebration,” says the Italian dancer. “It will be an honor to dance there.”

The BalletBoyz are more than a dance troupe, as the organization offers dance education and outreach activities to make quality dance more accessible. Through the Dancers Course program, young men and women have the opportunity to develop their talents in a cutting-edge dance studio while being mentored by BalletBoyz dancers. According to the company’s website, “The aim of this course is to take individuals with raw talent and turn them into creative employable dancers who represent the BalletBoyz ethos of excellence and a desire to perform at the highest level.” BalletBoyz also reaches out to aspiring filmmakers, allowing them to learn more about film and its use through the context of dance. [what’s the film-based program?]

BalletBoyz will perform at the Los Angeles Music Center on November 7–9. To purchase tickets and learn more, go here.