Vow ‘For Better For Worse’ at Playhouse West

Not everyone has an easy time getting his or her friends or themselves down the aisle, especially in those last few moments. Reed Arnold’s “For Better For Worse” tackles an unwavering friendship of three college besties an hour before one of them ties the knot. Digging up old stories and everlasting bonds, the threesome sorts through the unspoken words that haunt them years later, making a potential wedding with another girl seem impossible. Watch their story unfold through detailed flashbacks and wedding day confrontations at Playhouse West Studio Two from March 13 to April 4, where admission is free.

Playhouse West has become a highly acclaimed actors’ studio for over 30 years, highlighting talent through their Repertory Theater. Appearing for a second time, “For Better For Worse,” has made its mark, using simplicity of design to their advantage. Telling the love triangle-ish story are three heartwarming friends, dealing with the romantic complexities from college freshman to young adulthood. Full of dramatic tension and dumbfounding wit, “For Better For Worse” is not a play to be missed.

Beyond its humorous and honest dialogue, “For Better For Worse” dwells on the regrets of a lifetime and asks the characters the torturous question of, “Do I really want to spend the rest of my life with this person?” As each character winds their way through the story, their decisions form and regrets disappear as they bring the audience to a surprising finish. Expertly directed by Wolfgang Bodison, this dynamic group of friends makes fools of themselves on the most important day of one’s life.

For anyone that has experienced the guttural torture of regret, let “For Better For Worse” instill the flame that might conjure up the desire to do something about it. Free to the public, “For Better For Worse” gives audience members a chance to relive their first loves and relearn how it shaped their future. Tackled by the forthright talent of Reed Arnold, Travis Laughlin and Kelly Russo, the play will run from March 13 to April 4.

Walk down the aisle with ‘For Better For Worse’ at Playhouse West Studio Two from March 13 to April 4. Tickets are free and available online.