Chris Isaak to Play Fred Kavli Theatre

Chris Isaak is best known for his song “Wicked Games,”, which was released in 1989 but didn’t become a hit until a year later when it was featured in the David Lynch film, “Wild at Heart.”
Isaak’s second biggest hit is probably “Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing,” a song that was included in the soundtrack of a film made by another eccentric director, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (1999).
Now 58-years-old, Isaak has released two albums in the last five years, “Mr. Lucky” and “Beyond the Sun,” that prove that the rocker is not slowing down anytime soon.
Isaak spoke to the Associated Press about making “Beyond the Sun” shortly after the album’s release.  “I just went ‘I’ll sing a bunch of those songs I like singing. I got a band, I’ll just call them up and tell them to come over’,” he explained.
While it may not be evident in his music, but Isaak is also a skilled comedic actor.  From 2001-2004, he starred in the “The Chris Isaak Show,” a sitcom on VH1 in which he played a fictionalized version of himself.  He also popped up in numerous films and TV shows, including “Friends,” in which he sang “Smelly Cat,”  Phoebe’s infamous song sung by Lisa Kudrow. Earlier this year he guest starred on “Hot in Cleveland.”
Isaak still has it going on, but not because he’s following the current trends in the music industry. Christian Toto of Breibart reviewed an Isaak concert in Denver last year and had this to say, “Isaak, a road warrior…, represents everything [Miley] Cyrus isn’t. He’s a consummate pro relying on singing prowess, polished stage play and a palpable respect for his audience.”

Chris Isaak will perform at the Fred Kavli Theatre August 13.  For show and ticket information, go here.