LA Food Fest 2019: Celebrating a Decade of L.A.’s Culinary Gems

It’s been a decade since its inception, yet the LA Food Fest still represents a supportive community, local vendors and the intense flavors of Los Angeles favorites. From a variety of local food trucks to internationally recognized chefs, the event is a foodie’s dream. Rounding out its perfection, the happening is complete with drinks, live music and a supporting cause consistent with the abundance of goodness found in the fare. The event benefits Food Forward, an organization that serves to fight food waste in Los Angeles by rescuing potential waste and turning it over to those in need. Fresh waste from the event will be used to support this effort so eat responsibly and only order what you can digest.

With nearly 50 vendors, chances are each attendee will leave satisfied. Giving a fresh approach to soul food, Comfort L.A. combines clean organic eats with mom’s cooking. Double up on the organic fried chicken wings and add a side of the Mean Greens or Cousin Kina’s Mac and Cheese for a well-rounded home cooked treasure. But don’t get too comfortable with stateside cuisine, as a grand presence from International gastronomy is expected. Poke Bar is known to jampack their wholesome creations with fish, fresh veggies and uniquely flavored homemade sauces. Pick your favorites and make it your own. The Pasta Sisters makings are worthy of a picture and a bite. Their Italian plates are made of beautiful ingredients, fresh vegetables and spices that should require a passport to taste. Dive into their gnocchi or homemade ravioli to gratify your pasta craving. African Chop does it right. Their authentic approach to representing native cuisine is making fans out of Angelinos. Jollof rice is their African staple that is known to ignite smiles among vegans and carnivores alike. Order the bitterleaf soup for a spoonful of authenticity. Low Key Burritos are California’s sweetheart. Their cheese crusted creations blend crispy and doughy pleasures into one for burrito perfection. Bite Me Gourm-Asian is known for serving an interchangeable breakfast and lunch menu. Their unique recipes are unmatched. Nibble on the Ramen Burrito or the Cauliflower Tempura Po Boy for the ultimate international experience. 

When it’s time for the sugary course, Peaches Bakeshop will make you giddy with sweetness. The vegan goods are a force to be reckoned with. Love Swirls has bid farewell to boring cotton candy. Handcrafted masterpieces like Pumpkin Spice and Sangria are spun to perfection on site. You Had Me at Helado is rich in taste and quirkiness. Their advocacy for summertime is obvious with the Boozy Summer Sorbet Series, while their wittiness is obvious in flavors like, It Was Mint to Be and Honeycomb Over and Chill. And when it’s time to drink, jet over to The Birds and Bees, best known for their classically created cocktails that are mixed to excellence. Whether you dabble with house classic, Gregory Beck or song inspired, Peggy Sue, your sipping will be pleasurable. 

LA Food Fest is your excuse to support a worthy cause while eating and drinking your way through the foodie community of Los Angeles. 

LA Food Fest will take place Saturday, June 29 at Santa Anita Park in Los Angeles, CA. Tickets are available here.