Top New Year’s Eve Destinations Around the World

All New Year’s Eves are not created equal. How are you planning to go out with the old and in with the new? If you have one resolution, hopefully it’s to get out of dodge and experience a monumental night in an unforgettable place.  From hipster parties in Berlin to breathtaking fireworks at the Sydney Harbor, here are the top destinations to ring in a new year.


The countdown has already begun on the SYDNYE website, and as each second ticks, you’re probably getting closer and closer to buying your plane ticket. Here’s why you should. The fireworks at the Sydney Harbor are noted to be some of the most spectacular in the world. Imagine being surrounded by clear harbor views with pops of color and light reflecting on the placid water.

The courteous Aussies even provide a map with Vantage Points such as where to find the best places to see the show, as well as where to find alcohol, the nearest toilet, and more, so there’s no reason not to enjoy!  After the momentous fireworks show comes the Harbour of Light Parade, where an illuminated trail of 40 boats glide across the water in signature shades of orange. It’s simply not to be missed.

However, just in case you aren’t able to make it all the way down under in time, you won’t have to miss the fireworks and can Livestream them from the comfort of your own home. These Aussies have really thought of everything, haven’t they mates?


Vegas has been done. Perhaps even overdone. If you’re plugged into the world party scene and haven’t been to Berlin, you’ve been missing out, so why not take the first flight out of town and catapult your last night of of the year to the next level?  Whether you’re seeking a glamorous and glittery extravaganza or a deep underground disco, Berlin has something for everyone.

Take Kino International for example, a classic theater and popping nightclub all in one.  Located in the heart of historical Berlin, the venue offers panoramic views of the Alexanderplatz and the world famous TV tower, not to mention starlets and party animals alike who have found a temporary home on one of the five dance floors.

If 5 dance floors isn’t enough and you’d prefer 25 straight hours of partying, check out Club Ritterbutzke for what will surely be a party to remember. After all, Club Ritterbutzke is home to the Wasted Unicorns Winter Spectacle. In other words: amazing hedonistic fun.

If for some reason you decide to go the public route, there’s always the traditional countdown at Brandenburger Tor. It opens at 2 p.m. and crowds continue to celebrate until early in the morning. So many parties, so little time! The clock is ticking, friends.


Kissing your lover at midnight in front of the Eiffel Tower should be on everyone’s bucket list. Strolling hand in hand down the Champs Elysees and picking a picturesque spot on the lawn in front of one of the world’s grandest structures is the stuff dreams are made of.

What many people might not know, the New Year in France lasts all month long! From the stroke of midnight on January 1 straight through the end of February, so don’t be afraid to spread the love all month long. Why not rent a long-term stay apartment and continue the celebration in true Parisian style?  The fireworks might only happen one night, but given it’s Paris, you more than likely won’t have trouble creating your own. Bonne année!


People party in Thailand all year round, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. The party at the infamous Koh Pha Ngan Beach starts on Christmas Eve with a mind blowing Half Moon Festival, followed by the customary Xmas Full Moon Party on the 25th, leading right up to the worlds biggest beach party on the 31st. If that doesn’t sound like enough party for you, there are plenty of beach volleyball tournaments and bikini contests to fill the gaps.

Savvy travelers should plan on enjoying a leisurely dinner by the sea and head back to your resort or Sanctuary of choice to freshen up. The party will last long after midnight, so it’s your choice whether to ring in the new year with a glass of champagne in seclusion with your lover, or to pile into the people and party! With the ground vibrating along with the music and color and fire everywhere, your year will surely go out with an unforgettable bang. It’s a good thing there are plenty of Utopian resorts to retire after you’ve danced until noon the next day! That’s what a happy New Year is all about.


Over 2 million people can’t be wrong in choosing to celebrate the new year in one of the world’s most stimulating cities. Copacabana is the ultimate destination, and New Year’s Eve is the only holiday that brings more people to Brazil than Carnival.

Hotels are open all night long, but who needs sleep when the party lasts until dawn? Whether you’re in the mood for a swim in the ocean amongst the fireworks, or ready to dance all night to samba and electronica beats, there’s something for everyone at this sensual, sweaty, sticky, sexy party. We had you at sensual, right?

The key is to wear white for good luck and bring flowers to throw into the sea as an offering for the goddess of the sea, Yemanja. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of champagne to open at midnight and spray all over the crowd! Even the official website states that “They actually appreciate getting wet by the champagne as this too is considered good luck.” So why not get lucky in the new year and head to Brazil?

Happy New Year!